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Our office is conveniently located and accessible via all major roads. Our doctors and staff take great pride in offering exceptional services. Our office fully utilizes the state-of-the-art equipment. We have a modern sterilization system that surpasses OSHA requirements.
Our friendly, compassionate and competent staff is dedicated to you and will ensure your comfort and quality care. We provide the best and latest in technology and treatment options. We provide gentle, family-oriented care to the adults and children of our community here and surrounding areas.
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The field of endondontics is constantly evolving, with new technologies becoming increasingly available. Advanced endondontic technology leads to more accurate diagnosis and a more thorough treatment. Some equipment even allows patients to become more involved in the examination and treatment planning process by providing in-depth views into the source of oral diseases and complications.

CT Scan

CT scans have long been associated with traditional medicine, but computerized tomography of the hard and soft tissues within the face and mouth is also beneficial in the endodontist’s office. With CT technology, an endodontist can take acquire imaging from multiple viewing angles for a better understanding of how a particular patient’s tissues are interconnected.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography, or digital x-rays, carries much lower radiation levels than their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, digital radiography eliminates the need for film, as all images are loaded directly onto a computer screen for the endodontist and patient to view. The images are saved into a digital patient file for easy reference or office-to-office transfers.


The WAND is transforming patient comfort treatment experiences with advanced computer-regulated anesthesia. Patients generally experience less anxiety in offices using WAND technology, and they experience very little to no discomfort during the anesthetizing process. The WAND delivers a consistent flow of anesthetic to the gums with managed volumes designed to prevent discomfort.

Video Camera

Video cameras may not seem to have a place in the endodontist’s office, but they are beneficial tools for communications between dental health professionals and patients. High resolution videos provide better documentation of a patient’s tooth and gum structures, and they provide a helpful reference for first-hand review during patient follow-up appointments.


Microscopes have long provided glimpses of that which is not normally seen by the human eye. In the endodontic field of dentistry, magnification of diseased areas of the teeth and gums is an advantage not previously available to dentists and patients.

Apex Locator

For an endodontist, the apex locator is one of the most invaluable technological advances available. The apex locator uses electrical currents to help identify to location of a tooth’s apical foramen with as much as 80 to 90 percent accuracy. This allows an endodontist to better determine how long the root canal space will be prior to treatment.

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasound uses sound waves to provide imagery of the body’s tissues at varying depths. However, endodontists can now use hand-held ultrasound technology, in which powerful ultrasonic waves are used to not only detect the surface locations of canals, but also to prepare the tooth root for a retrograde filling and to removed composite resins, calcified canals, and posts. Use of endodontic ultrasound has been prevalent for many decades, but only recently has it become useful for endo-restorative and microrestorative work.

Single Use Files

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